864 Cap Gun Refills for 8-Shot Cap Gun

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  • 864 Total 8 Shot Cap Gun Refills (12 Packs of 72)
  • Great Fun Birthday Party Favors for Goody Bags & Stocking Stuffers!
These Ring Caps will grant your children hours of great fun. The excitement the popping and shooting sounds will make them feel like they're in the Wild Wild West!
With this bundle, you will be sure they will have enough ammunition for a proper battle! 12 cards of 72 shots for cap guns for kids and adults!


Relive Nostalgic Adventures with Cap Gun Refills

Step into a world of timeless excitement with cap gun refills, rekindling the magic of childhood play. These refills bring back the 'pop' and 'bang' of classic cap guns, letting you relive epic Wild West shootouts, secret spy missions, and thrilling duels. It's an invitation to rediscover the joy of imaginative play and create new memories that bridge the past and present, for both parents and children. 

Ignite Creativity and Connection

Cap gun refills aren't just toys – they're keys to unlocking boundless creativity. Immerse yourself in endless adventures, from daring quests to dramatic showdowns. Engage in active, imaginative play that sharpens your storytelling skills and critical thinking. Moreover, these refills provide a perfect reason to gather friends and family, young and old, fostering shared experiences filled with laughter and excitement.

 Embrace the Experience Safely

Remember, while cap gun refills offer exhilarating fun, safety always comes first. Adhere to manufacturer guidelines to ensure responsible play and prevent accidents. Cap gun refills offer a unique chance to unplug from screens, reconnect with your inner child, and make lasting memories with loved ones. So, seize the opportunity – grab your cap gun refills and let the adventures unfold!

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Daniel Stellabotte

all good


most didn’t work


Fits the cap gun my grandson has. Work great. He is having great fun playing outside with his cap pistol.

Indio Davila
Caps for toy gun

These little caps are loud and clouds of fun.

LuAnn Thomas
Great find

Difficult to find. Laid into a great supply.

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